Delebrate Woodstock

Runaway Express Celebrate Woodstock 2019
This salute to the 1969 Wodstock Festival is a cinematic, technicolor explosion of music and memories. We do not attempt to accurately portray the event or the generation that bears its name. This is just how we choose to remember it.

Woodstock" by Runaway Express is a fictional, idealistic account of a singular event that took place in the Catskill Mountains just after man's first walk on the moon. We couldn't resist filling our movie with historical fabrications, naive generalizations, and a taste of profound universal truth. It's a romantic fantasy, and a return to false hope.

Runaway Express

The Scenes

Woodstock 2019 logo

The Prelude
The Runaway Fantasy Begins

     * Come On
     * Goin' Up The Country/America
     * Quincy's Tune
     * Chest Fever
     * Walkin' Down the Line
     * Woodstock
     * Our Summer of '69

Back To The Garden
The Festival Begins

     * The Freedom Collage
        a. Find The Cost Of Freedom
        b. Let Freedom Ring
     * Selections From Tommy

Nighttime To Dawn
"we'll dance until morning'
'til there's just you and me"

     * Friday Evening
     * Motherland
     * I Had a Dream/Sleepers Awaken
     * The Streets Of Heaven Collage
        a. Summer Of '59
        b. At The Hop/Book Of Love
        c. The Beat Generation
        d. Summer Of '69 (reprise)

The Storm
     * Circle Game/I Wish I Could Have Been         There/Chimes Of Freedom
     * Rainfall
     * The Potpourri Collage
        a. Uncle John's Band
        b. The Weight
        c. Lodi
        d. Helplessly Hoping
        e. Comin' Into Los Angeles
        f. If I Were A Carpenter
        g. Younger Generation
        h. The Kids Are Alright
     * Regeneration
     * I'll Paint Rainbows
     * Celebration

From The Bay
It all started January 14, 1967, with the "Gathering of the Tribes" Human Be-In Happening, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco then went on to the Monteray Pop Festival in June with flowers flown in From Hawaii.

     * Piece Of My Heart
        a. White Rabbit
        b. The Dead Set
        c. Dance To The Music
        d. Somebody To Love
        e. Wanna Take You Higher
        f. Soul Sacrifice
        g. Joni's Woodstock and Volunteers
     * Cancles in the Rain

The Aftermath
the Woodstock Nation makes its way back home to America
     * The Ride
        a. Star Spangled Banner
     *Get Together

All of Jim's original songs, James Lloyd Publishing, BMI

The Band

Woodstock 2019 logo

Jim Ratts
     * Vocals
     * Guitar
     * Keys

Salli Ratts
     * Vocals

Scott Bennett
     * Guitars
     * Arrangements

Butch Hause
     * Bass
     * Rainfall
     * Vocals

Ted Cole
     * Flute
     * Midithingie
     * Vocals

Chris Stongle
     * Drums

Daniel Jones
     * Steel

Ernie Martinez
     * Mandolin
     * Guitar
     * Banjo
     * Dobro

Ed Contreras
     * Percussion

The Supporting Cast

Woodstock 2019 logo

Kyle & Maura O'Brien (vocals)
Tim Irvin (vocals & voices)
Beth Leachman (vocals)
Margot Krimmel (harp)
Amy Nugent (vocals)
John Magnie (accordion)
Debi Blair (vocals)
Vickie Jones (vocals)
Mary Huckins (vocals)
CARNELIAN featuring Peggy Dennis, Sarah Stires, Dora Silver (vocals)
UPSY DAISY: Juanita Aurand, Izzy Aurand, Jean Gallagher (vocals)
Bob Turner (vocals & handclaps)
Guy Steagall (electric guitar)
Michael St. James (vocals)
Steve Pierce (vocals)
Gordon Burt (fiddle)
Fred Beyers (keys)
Hannah Alkire (cello)
Sandy Reay (handclaps)
Susan Permut (narration)
Warren Floyd (autoharp)
Annie Phillips (character voice)
Archer & Valerie (radio voices)
Susan Dixon (authentic Colours vocals)
The crowds of Englewood & Golden CO


Woodstock 2019 logo

Storm water color by William Matthews
Moon photo by John Fussell

Produced and engineered by Jim Ratts

Design by G. Carr & S. Ratts & jr

Mastered by David Glasser at Air Show,
Boulder CO

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